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St. Louis Drug Crime Lawyer

In a nationwide effort to fight the war on drugs, individuals charged with a drug crime can expect their cases to be vigorously prosecuted in court. Even though the law clearly states that defendants are innocent until proven guilty, every experienced drug crime attorney in St. Louis must be able to refute the evidence or find other means to ensure the best possible outcome for their clients.

Effective drug crime defenses

Even with more than two decades of criminal defense experience, the lawyers at The Welby Law Firm, LLC cannot guarantee that every client can go free. But, our experience in criminal defense, combined with past work on the prosecution's side of the courtroom, helps ensure the best possible outcome for every case. Our dedicated St. Louis drug crime lawyers tirelessly work to find an effective defense. Just a few examples are as follows:

  • Innocence: Unfortunately, innocent individuals cannot always escape a trial — they may have made unintentionally incriminating statements after arrest, or they may have simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time. The St. Louis drug crime lawyers at The Welby Law Firm, LLC tirelessly conduct their own investigation into the circumstances behind the arrest and everyone connected with the case. They recognize that the prosecution can only present circumstantial evidence against the defendant, while they can skillfully establish the reasonable doubt needed to free their clients.
  • Illegal law enforcement practices: Even when a defendant is guilty of some or all charges, a skilled lawyer can get charges dropped or penalties reduced when the arrest was conducted illegally. Examples include (but are certainly not limited to) entrapment to commit a crime, or evidence obtained through an illegal search.
  • The record of the defendant: Drug crime lawyers in St. Louis can effectively get sentences suspended or reduced when their clients have no prior records or are actively participating in a drug rehabilitation program. This is one reason why the attorneys at The Welby Law Firm, LLC take the time and make the effort to really get to know their clients. Only by establishing a strong personal relationship with their clients can they explore every possible avenue toward building a creative defense.

You need exceptional legal skills for your drug crime defense

Our law firm works hard on your case to build the most effective defense for those charged with a drug crime in St. Louis. For a free consultation with a St. Louis criminal defense lawyer about your drug charges, contact The Welby Law Firm, LLC.